AEW’s Star CM Punk and Jack Perry Suspended Over All In Backstage Incident

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All In’s backstage physical spat between CM Punk and Jack Perry led to their suspension.

Why CM Punk and Jack Perry Suspended are Suspended?

A big wrestling event called All In happened at Wembley Stadium in London. It was a record-breaking event with over 80,000 fans. But, before the show started, there was a fight backstage between CM Punk and Jack Perry. This fight got them both suspended.

The point for this altercation originally started when Jack Perry openly instigated Punk to use real glass for a backstage segment during a Collision match. In pay-per-view’s “Zero Hour” kickoff show, Jack Perry looked at the camera and said, “It’s real glass, cry me a river.” During the AEW Star Punk approached Perry backstage to tell him how dangerous this was and that real glass couldn’t be used.

It seems that Perry was upset that the argument was made public by Punk’s team. Fightful Select reported that he told a few of his co-workers backstage before All In that he was going to say something on camera. After Punk confronted Perry about the comments, the two of them got into a fight backstage.

The president of AEW, Tony Khan, confirmed that a fight occurred, but he did not provide any further details. On Tuesday, Sports Illustrated officially confirmed the rumors about a suspension. Both CM Punk and Jack Perry are suspended while AEW investigates what happened.

This suspension couldn’t have come at a worse time for AEW because they have another big event called All Out pay-per-view this weekend. It’s especially bad for CM Punk because it’s in his hometown of Chicago.

This incident also reminds us of a fight that happened a year ago called the “Brawl Out” incident. That fight involved CM Punk, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Ace Steel, and it led to suspensions. It also could affect Jack Perry’s position in the wrestling world. We don’t know how long the suspensions will last as AME is still looking into what happened.

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