After Katy Perry’mom-shamed’ Sara Beth Liebe, she decides to leave ‘American Idol’

After Katy Perry'mom-shamed' Sara Beth Liebe, she decides to leave 'American Idol'
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The 25-year-old Sarah Beth Liebe, a mother of three, has bowed out of the American Idol competition after wowing the judges with her performance of The Police’s “Roxanne” in the Hollywood round.

Katy Perry urged Liebe to remain and reminded her of her potential despite her earlier critique of Liebe’s lack of dedication. Liebe, however, admitted that she missed her young family and felt selfish for leaving them to chase the challenge.

After realizing she wasn’t going to win, she chose to quit the competition. Despite her departure from the show, Liebe remains grateful for the experience and plans to continue supporting her fellow competitors and making music.

She had previously expressed her embarrassment at being labeled “Freaky Friday” by Perry, accusing Perry of “mom-shaming.”


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