AHSOKA Episode 3: Is Marrok’s True Identity Exposed?

marrok inquisitor ahsoka-episode 3
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Disney+ Ahsoka’s third episode gives potential hints on Marrok’s identity.

In the live-action series “Ahsoka,” a mysterious character named Inquisitor Marrok was introduced in the first two episodes. Since then, fans on Reddit have been busy crafting theories about this mysterious figure. The recent third episode of “Ahsoka” dropped a subtle clue about Marrok’s true identity, sparking even more speculation.

As Marrok’s name connects to Arthurian legends, where he’s associated with a knight believed to be a werewolf. He’s a silent character wielding a striking red lightsaber that spins and is dressed in all-black armor. Some fans have drawn connections between Marrok and Ezra due to Ezra’s ties to the Loth-wolves on Lothal, which has led them to believe that Marrok might actually be Ezra.

In the third episode titled “Time To Fly,” Ahsoka, Sabine, and Huyang come across a group of Purrgil. These are the same interdimensional space whales we’ve seen in “Rebels.” They face the Purrgil while being chased by Shin Hati, Marrok, and their forces.

During this encounter, Shin remains focused on the T6, but Marrok’s attention turns to the Purrgil who is passing his ship. The camera lingers a bit longer on Marrok than on Hati as they observe these creatures, hinting that Ezra Bridger might be the one behind that mask.

In the final episode of “Rebels,” the Purrgil creatures transport Ezra and Grand Admiral Thrawn to a different galaxy. So, it’s understandable that Ezra, who may have been brainwashed in some way, would be distracted upon seeing these creatures once more.

It’s important to note that this scene only suggests the possibility of Marrok being Ezra, and it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. The series is expected to reveal Marrok’s true identity as it progresses.

However, it remains uncertain when this revelation will occur. If it turns out that Ezra is indeed Marrok, it would validate the theories fans have been crafting and could be shocking to see a potential shift of the character toward the darker side of the Force.


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