Ahsoka Star Eman Esfandi Shares Excitement Over Ezra Bridger’s Live-Action Debut

Image credit Star Wars

Ahsoka’s actor Eman Esfandi playing Ezra Bridger in Ahsoka, shares his joy and reflections on his Star Wars debut

Actor Eman Esfandi uses social media to share his personal reflections on his debut in Ahsoka as the beloved Star Wars character Ezra Bridger.

Fans got his first glimpse as Ezra Bridger in Episode 6 of the series, and since then, Esfandi has been openly expressing his excitement online.

The actor recently posted a string of reactions to the live-action debut of Ezra Bridger, showcasing his genuine enthusiasm for the role.

In response to receiving his very own Ezra emoji, Esfandi commented, “Getting an Emoji… just hits differently.”

He also playfully referenced his character poster, humorously exclaiming, “LET MY PEOPLE GO!” a nod to the striking resemblance between Ezra and the divine figure Moses.

Another of Esfandi’s reactions highlighted his deep appreciation for his Ahsoka journey.

Referring back to his 2022 post that marked his first day on set, the actor drew parallels with his inaugural appearance in the Star Wars universe, stating, “Different kind of first but same vibes ya feel!! BLESS UP YES LAWD AMEN HALLELUJAH.”

While Episode 7 of Ahsoka provided fans with the long-awaited reunion of Ezra and Sabine, offering a glimpse of the actor in action, Ahsoka-related merchandise suggests that viewers may witness Ezra without his iconic beard and possibly on his home planet, Lothal.

Furthermore, there is mounting anticipation that Eman Esfandi will reprise his role as Ezra Bridger in Dave Filoni’s MandoVerse movie, marking a significant expansion of the character’s presence beyond television.

With only one episode remaining in Ahsoka, fans are eagerly awaiting the culmination of Ezra’s storyline and the possibility of uncovering more about his time in exile.

As the Disney+ series approaches its conclusion, the fate of Ezra Bridger remains a mystery for Star Wars fans everywhere.


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