Ahsoka’s Captain Enoch & Thrawn’s Night Troopers: Are They Tied to the Nightsisters and Marrok?

Image Credit Star Wars

Ahsoka’s Captain Enoch and Thrawn’s Stormtrooper army might have a link to Marrok and the Nightsisters.

In episode 6 of Ahsoka, Grand Admiral Thrawn made a grand entrance, accompanied by an army of Stormtroopers known as Night Troopers. This has left Star Wars fans speculating about their origins and a possible connection to Marrok and the Nightsisters.

The appearance of the Night Troopers caught fans’ attention not just because of their presence but also their distinct look like the Nightsisters.

In contrast to the usual pristine white Stormtrooper armor, their attire appears weathered, and cracked, and appears to be pieced together with gold fillers or held in place by red material.

Among them is Captain Enoch, whose worn-out armor is accompanied by a unique gold face mask, a departure from the standard Stormtrooper helmet. While these alterations could be attributed to their extended isolation and the harsh environment of Peridea.

Captain Enoch’s identity is somehow connected to the creation of Marrok, who was associated with Nightsister Morgan Elsbeth, and when Ahsoka sliced him in half, he transformed into a green mist.

This has made fans wonder if a similar method was employed in creating Thrawn’s Night Troopers.

The Night Troopers not only share a name resemblance with the Nightsisters but also have their armor held together by scarlet-colored material reminiscent of the Great Mother’s robes.

If indeed the Night Troopers are a product of the mysterious green, smoky magic used by the Nightsisters, it raises the possibility that Thrawn’s army and Captain Enoch might resemble a troop of the undead.

Additionally, the end of Ahsoka’s sixth episode featured the loading of caskets-like cargo from underground storage onto Thrawn’s ship, accompanied by mentions of an agreement with the Great Mothers.

Thrawn himself refers to the themes of “death and resurrection” common to both Nightsisters and Jedi, further fueling speculation about the true nature of the Night Troopers.

While the Star Wars universe continues to unravel its mysteries, fans eagerly await more revelations about Thrawn, his enigmatic army, and the role of the Nightsisters in this intriguing Ahsoka’s series last episode.


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