Alexa Bliss Gets Contract Extension from WWE


Alexa Bliss, the experienced WWE Women’s Champion, gave an interview to The Messenger in which she announced some promising plans for the future of her WWE career. Bliss said that WWE has renewed her contract, suggesting that she will continue her adventure with the company despite her current sabbatical due to pregnancy.

Bliss thanked WWE for letting her take time off to focus on her appearance on The Masked Singer. The timing was excellent, given her character was not involved in any major plots at the time. She revealed that her contract with WWE has been renewed, allowing her to come back whenever she sees fit. About a month after giving birth, Bliss plans to slowly resume her wrestling routine by returning to the gym and training for a return to the ring.

Bliss hasn’t been seen on WWE shows since she lost the RAW Women’s Championship match against Bianca Belair at the Royal Rumble in January. She teased her return to WWE before WrestleMania 39 during a March guest appearance on The Masked Singer. But ever since then, she has been noticeably absent.

Bliss revealed that she was getting ready to return to the ring when she noticed cramping and decided to take a pregnancy test. She and her husband, Ryan Cabrera, had always wanted kids but weren’t sure if they were ready. They decided that after being married for a year, they were ready to become parents. In December, they expect their baby to join the world.

These new initiatives showcase Alexa Bliss’s commitment to WWE as she prepares to juggle motherhood and her love of wrestling. After WWE extended her contract, there was great speculation about what would happen next in her professional wrestling career.


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