All Of Us Are Dead Season 2: Who Are Returning as Villains?

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Who Are Returning as Villains

All of Us Are Dead is one of the popular Korean series that garnered high viewership ratings globally with its gripping storyline set amidst a zombie apocalypse. With the success of season 1, the show was renewed for season 2. As fan’s exhilaration is high, there are significant speculations about which characters may return, probably as villains in the second season.

In the aftermath of season one, key antagonists like Dr. Lee Byeong-chan, Lee Na-yeon, Yoon Gwi-nam, and Min Eun-ji were seemingly eliminated. However, the show’s story complexity leaves room for surprises. Characters like Gwi-nam, known for surviving improbable situations, could make a dramatic comeback, especially if other survivors like Cheong-san are revealed.

Moreover, the fate of characters like Eun-ji remains mysterious, leading to theories that she could have been captured by the military for experimentation. Dr. Lee Byeong-chan, the mastermind behind the outbreak, might also return in a different form, introducing fresh dynamics to the plot.

As the All of Us Are Dead show moves forward, it will need fresh challenges to keep audiences engaged. The destruction of the school in season one suggests a shift in setting and story focus. The emergence of Nam-ra’s halfbie status could serve as a central plot point, with the group potentially facing off against the military to protect other halfbies.

Alternatively, new halfbie characters with evil intentions could be introduced, adding depth to the conflict. The show’s potential balance of human and non-human antagonists has been a key power, and season two is anticipated to keep this dynamic.

All Of Us Are Dead season 2 is set to deliver another thrilling season, with the return of familiar villains and the introduction of new challenges.


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