Allegations Against Jonathan Majors Intensify Amid Domestic Case

Allegations Against Jonathan Majors Intensify Amid Domestic Case

Jonathan Majors, recognized for his roles in Creed III and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania faces additional abuse allegations from multiple women as he awaits sentencing for his involvement in a domestic case.

New Abuse Allegations

Multiple women including Emma Duncan and Maura Hooper have come forward accusing Majors of physical and emotional abuse. Duncan, Majors’ ex-fiancée recounted instances of alleged abuse including threats of violence and attempts to strangle her.

Hooper, who dated Majors while attending the Yale School of Drama detailed controlling behavior and emotional manipulation.

Incidents Described

Duncan described an incident during a road trip where Majors threatened her life followed by another altercation where he allegedly choked her. Hooper recalled being isolated from support systems during her relationship with Majors and claimed he abandoned her during a crucial moment.

Previous Allegations

Majors has also faced accusations of abusive behavior on the set of Lovecraft Country where he allegedly mistreated female crew members leading some to leave the show.

Legal Ramifications

Majors was convicted of third-degree reckless assault and harassment in a domestic case involving his then-girlfriend leading to his dismissal from Marvel Studios and the shelving of his film, Magazine Dreams. He awaits sentencing with potential penalties ranging from probation to imprisonment.

Ongoing Proceedings

The sentencing for Majors’ domestic case was postponed to Apr. 8. He continues to deny the allegations attributing his actions to “immersive method acting.”

As the allegations against Jonathan Majors escalate, the actor’s future remains uncertain. With legal proceedings underway and a tarnished reputation, Majors’ career prospects hang in the balance amidst these troubling accusations.


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