Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Teaser Receives Mix Reactions

image credit DCU

Fans aren’t that happy with the upcoming Aquaman sequel The Lost Kingdom.

Recently, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom gave us a quick 30-second sneak peek of its upcoming sequel. ” This teaser comes after some recent reports suggesting that Warner Bros. wasn’t putting as much effort into promoting James Wan’s sequel.

It seemed like they weren’t willing to spend a ton of money on marketing for a movie they were worried might not do well as the reports from test screenings of The Lost Kingdom haven’t been very positive

Some recent reactions have surfaced on Twitter by fans who saw the final version of the film and they aren’t too thrilled. It seems like even after some reshoots, the movie might not have improved much.

Fans are sharing their thoughts on the Lost Kingdom expressing they didn’t like the teaser as it didn’t meet their expectations and some worried that having Amber Heard in the movie might discourage some people from watching it.

Ultimately, it’s the fans who will make the final decision whether they liked Aquaman 2 when it hits the big screen on 20 December 2023. So, let’s wait and see how this new adventure unfolds on the big screen!


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