Arnold Schwarzenegger Advocates Natural Bodybuilding, Discourages Steroid Use

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The iconic actor and former bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger, recently spoke up about his history of using PEDs and used the chance to warn his fellow athletes against the same route. The 75-year-old man talked about his past use of testosterone and dianabol, a common steroid substance, in an interview with Men’s Health for their July/August edition.

Arnold Schwarzenegger differentiated his steroid usage from the commonplace misuse that exists today. He also noted that the use of anabolic steroids was perfectly lawful prior to the passage of the Anabolic Steroid Control Act in 1990. The Terminator actor is worried that some modern bodybuilders are getting performance-enhancing medications without competent medical direction, which can have serious consequences.

To be fair, Schwarzenegger did admit that his personal use of steroids may potentially damage his reputation. However, he cautioned aspiring bodybuilders against using such medications, emphasizing the dangers they pose to the human body. He shared instances of people in terrible pain after kidney transplants to illustrate the remorse that may come from abusing one’s body and the significance of avoiding shortcuts.

Schwarzenegger acknowledged that not everyone will agree with his recommendations and that he had no business trying to force his opinions on others. He joked about his risky exploits, such as climbing without a safety line, and praised the autonomy of the decision-making process.

Anabolic steroids are used by sportsmen to gain strength and muscular mass, as stated by the Mayo Clinic. The body’s response to these medicines is similar to that to testosterone. However, there is a wide variety of potential adverse effects and hazards associated with them.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has never been coy about his history of steroid usage. In a 2005 interview with ABC News, he said he had no regrets about his usage of the drugs because of their experimental nature and the close medical monitoring he received. He has faith in the efficacy of nutritional supplements and recommends that people prioritize the consumption of healthy foods above the use of pharmaceuticals.

Schwarzenegger highlighted his current workout program in an interview with Men’s Health, saying that he is not trying to bulk up but rather keep in shape for his acting profession. He disclosed that his daily set count ranges from 25 to 30, emphasizing the significance of regular physical activity in maintaining his health.

The consequences of using performance-enhancing medications are highlighted by Schwarzenegger’s candor about his prior experiences. His counsel bears weight since it is grounded on his own experiences and his desire to keep others safe.


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