Arnold Schwarzenegger shares Weight Loss Hack

Arnold Schwarzenegger shares Weight Loss Hack
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Arnold Schwarzenegger has divulged that he never kept track of his calorie intake, but revealed two easy weight-loss techniques that have helped him stay in shape throughout his career.

The bodybuilding legend shared his preferred diet tips in his newsletter, responding to a fan’s inquiry about the best approach to overcome a weight loss plateau when diet and exercise become ineffective.

“One method that has proven effective for me when I’m striving to get leaner for a project is to cut out one meal,” he noted.

Schwarzenegger mentioned that his eating habits involved switching out a regular meal of the day, either by having a delayed breakfast or replacing dinner with a substantial bowl of vegetable soup.

Weight loss necessitates a calorie deficit, or consuming fewer calories than you burn over time. To achieve this, Schwarzenegger suggests beginning to eat later in the day.

“Sometimes, I begin my day after working out and have eggs or yogurt with granola later than normal, almost like a brunch instead of breakfast,” he explained.

Although research suggests that skipping breakfast altogether may hamper weight loss by leading to unhealthy food choices later on, it can help reduce calorie consumption by providing fewer hours in the day for eating.

Incorporating an ample amount of protein with breakfast can also assist in stabilizing blood sugar levels and making you less susceptible to energy dips and cravings later in the day, as per nutritionists who spoke with Insider.


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