Avatar: The Last Airbender– 5 Interesting Facts About Maria Zhang aka Suki

5 Interesting Facts About Maria Zhang aka Suki

Avatar: The Last Airbender the live-action animated series recently debuted on Netflix. Viewers recently got a closer look at one of the series’ standout characters, Suki, played by the talented Maria Zhang. But who is Maria Zhang beyond the screen?

Here are five intriguing facts that fans should know about her:

1. Maria lived in three different countries

Despite her young age, Maria Zhang has lived in various countries around the world and experienced diverse cultures. Born in Poland, she was raised in Beijing, China, by her parents. Later, she moved to Southern California in the United States for college, making her a citizen of three different countries before graduating.

2. Maria has Multilingual Skills

Maria Zhang is not just fluent in one or two languages but in at least four! With a Polish mother and Chinese father, Maria grew up speaking both her parents’ native languages. Additionally, her parents conversed in Russian at home, adding another layer of linguistic diversity to her upbringing. Maria’s multilingual abilities even extended to her college days, where she wrote a play featuring four different languages.

3. Maria’s passion for acting blossomed from Theatre

Maria’s love for acting blossomed from her early involvement in theatre productions. Her first exposure to acting was in a theatre production of Alice in Wonderland in Poland. Despite living in Beijing, she returned to Poland every summer to participate in theatre groups, describing the experience as magical and pivotal in igniting her passion for acting.

4. Maria has Multiple Artistic Talents

Besides acting, Maria has a flair for visual arts. Coming from a family of artists, she enjoys drawing and aspires to illustrate a children’s book someday. Maria also dabbles in sewing and other do-it-yourself projects, finding them soothing and fulfilling.

5. Maria took Inspiration from A-list Actresses

Maria Zhang draws inspiration from prominent actresses like Natalie Portman and Emilia Clarke. Growing up, she admired Portman’s performance in Léon: The Professional and Clarke‘s powerful roles in Game of Thrones. These actresses have influenced Maria’s journey in the world of acting.

Maria Zhang‘s diverse background, multilingual skills, passion for theatre, artistic talents, and admiration for acclaimed actresses make her a versatile individual beyond her portrayal of Suki in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Fans can catch all eight episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix, witnessing Maria Zhang’s mesmerizing performance as Suki.

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