Batman Spin-Off Gets Strange Nickname

Batman Spin-Off Gets Strange Nickname
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Since comics are increasingly being adapted into films, we may expect to witness both positive and negative developments in the cinematic universes based on these publications.

Chris McKay hasn’t contacted James Gunn about directing a Nightwing movie, and while there are many upcoming Batman spinoffs (such as a sequel to The Batman, an HBO Max Penguin series, and Joker 2), it seems unlikely that any of them will actually happen.

For Gunn’s new DCU to work, which centers on Batman and Superman, Nightwing would need to be introduced in an earlier picture. Since it’s unclear whether Nightwing could headline a large theatrical hit without the burden of a cinematic universe, McKay’s Batman and Nightwing may exist outside of the DCU, along with The Batman sequel and Joker 2.


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