Beyoncé’s Dad Shares Photos of Solange and Her When a Baby

Beyoncé's Dad Shares Photos of Solange and Her When a Baby
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Even though Beyoncé is now one of the most important people in music and design, she was once a cute little kid just like the rest of us. Beyoncé and her sister Solange are adorable, and their father, Mathew Knowles, recently posted a throwback photo of them to Instagram.

An adorable blue and pink ensemble with a bright flower in Beyoncé’s hair and a white scrunchy on her wrist can be seen in the vintage print. She poses next to a baby Solange, who gestures to the camera while holding a bag of Lay’s chips. The girls are hanging out on the front yard of what seems like their family home.

Knowles also included a motivational message about encouraging and helping kids pursue their aspirations. We must build up our youth,” he stated. It’s important to encourage and help kids follow their early interests.

Knowles says his mom encouraged him to follow his dreams despite his family’s meager means. She gave him a collection of encyclopedias to satisfy his insatiable appetite for learning, which served him well throughout his successful business and music industry careers.

Beyoncé and Solange Knowles are two of the most popular musicians in the world today because their mother, Tina Knowles, encouraged and supported their dreams. The two sisters have not only realized their ambitions but also established themselves as cultural icons.


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