Brian Henson Confirms Progress on Labyrinth Sequel

Brian Henson Confirms Progress on Labyrinth Sequel

Fans have long awaited news about a sequel to the beloved fantasy film Labyrinth and according to Brian Henson, son of the original director, Jim Henson; the project is still in development despite facing several obstacles.

Status Update from Brian Henson

In a recent conversation with, Brian Henson, Chairman of The Jim Henson Company expressed enthusiasm for Labyrinth 2 stating that they are “very excited about” the project. Although he redirected inquiries to his sister, Lisa who serves as CEO of the company, he confirmed that the sequel is indeed underway.

Original Film Details

The original Labyrinth released in 1986, starred David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly and was directed by Jim Henson. Initially not a major success, it has since become a cult classic in the fantasy genre.

Sequel Development History

News of a sequel surfaced in 2016 with Nicole Perlman hired to write the script and Fede Álvarez set to direct. However, development stalled with Álvarez departing in 2020. Scott Derrickson then took over as director but progress remained uncertain.

Cast and Crew Involvement

Jennifer Connelly who portrayed Sarah Williams in the original film, expressed interest in returning for the sequel but David Bowie’s involvement is not possible following his passing in 2016.

Notably, Nicole Perlman and Maggie Levin were involved in the scriptwriting process with Lisa Henson and Brian Henson joining as producers.

Recent Updates

In February 2021, Jennifer Connelly confirmed discussions about her return but no official confirmation was made. The last significant update before Brian Henson’s confirmation came in October 2023 when director Scott Derrickson expressed uncertainty about the project’s status due to script issues.

Current Status

Despite challenges, Brian Henson’s reassurance indicates that Labyrinth 2 is progressing. However, there is no official casting or release date announced yet leaving fans eagerly awaiting further developments while they can enjoy the original Labyrinth available on digital platforms.


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