Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy Celebrate 22 Beautiful Years of Marriage

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Actress Brooke Shields, who just turned 57, and her husband, Chris Henchy, a 59-year-old screenwriter and producer, celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary last Friday. Shields celebrated the milestone with a series of Instagram posts documenting the couple’s journey together, which was met with an outpouring of kind words from friends and followers.

Shields wrote a heartfelt caption alongside the cherished photos, in which she reflected on her marriage to her husband of 22 years: “22 years married today… sometimes it feels like it’s been an eternity, yet it has flown by in the blink of an eye! There’s no one else I’d rather drive to the brink of insanity or be driven to the edge by… to catch or be caught by… to love or be loved by.”

She said, “I’m in it for the long haul. You’re a keeper,” a declaration of undying love that summed up her undying devotion to your relationship.

One of the many responses to the post was from actress Ali Wentworth, who joked, “Favorite people! Happy Anniversary!!!! Make him your special raw meat lasagna tonight!” This playful exchange exemplified the closeness and friendship shared among their inner circle.

Shields and Henchy’s two children, Rowan, 20, and Grier, 17, are both stunning additions to their family. Celebrity actress Brooke Shields made time on Mother’s Day to pay tribute to her late mother and her extraordinary kids, who look just like her.

The incredible life and career of Shields was recently detailed in the documentary ‘Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields,’ and in March, Shields talked openly to PEOPLE magazine about their experience. She admitted she had misgivings about continuing the connection with Henchy at first and terminated it momentarily out of fear of stifling her desire to pursue her own interests apart from a romantic partner. This choice was influenced by her past union to tennis great Andre Agassi.

Their chance encounter occurred on a 1999 episode of a Warner Bros. Lot used by the film industry. After adopting an American bulldog named Darla, Shields wanted to present her to her coworkers. Darla, however, got loose, and it was Chris Henchy who tracked her down and brought her back to her owner.

In her 2005 memoir, Shields recalled the fateful meeting: “Chris brought her back. He was writing for a show filmed on the lot and loved dogs. We chatted, and he made me laugh.” Despite being struck by Henchy’s thoughtfulness and humor, Shields, still recovering from her divorce, wasn’t initially ready for a new relationship. However, because of their mutual comprehension and Henchy’s tolerance, they first became close friends.

Shields once said of her husband, “To this day, I believe that I fell in love with Chris the day we met in 1999, but I would never tell him that.” Her remarks, while private, brilliantly capture the profound love and respect she has for her spouse.

Putting a face to the story helps us understand Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy’s true love and dedication to one another throughout the course of their 22 years of marriage. Their relationship is a living monument to the strength of friendship, patience, and dedication because of their journey together.


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