Bungie Unveils a New Game, Following the Success of Destiny 2

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Famous game developer Bungie just revealed their next big thing in a teaser at Sony’s PlayStation Showcase. Fans were ecstatic when it was discovered to be a sequel of sorts to the classic ’90s PC shooter game, the Marathon trilogy. The new game, named “Marathon,” will be a cross-playable multiplayer extraction shooter for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Marathon puts players in the shoes of cyborg mercenaries called Runners on the planet Tau Ceti IV. Discovering a long-lost colony will be key to their quest for glory, fortune, and recognition. Although not a direct sequel, Marathon will pay homage to the expansive universe that enthralled fans in the ’90s.

Marathon will not include a single-player story mode like its predecessors. Instead, players will enter “evolving zones” where they will engage in fierce combat for rich goods before their teams extract. The story, if any, will develop in response to player choices and discoveries, like in Destiny 2, where completing raids and community missions grants access to additional content and regions.

Bungie’s expansive science fiction MMO brand, Destiny, has been the company’s calling card for the past nine years. While this is great news for the game’s diehard fanbase, it has caused a rift between Bungie and casual gamers. Bungie gained notoriety before the release of Destiny for their work on Microsoft’s Halo games. But ever since Halo: Reach, Bungie has been concentrating on Destiny to the exclusion of anything else.

Sony paid a whopping $3.6 billion for Bungie last year, highlighting the studio’s proficiency in live-service experiences as a means of assisting PlayStation Studios in creating a wide variety of new online multiplayer games. Bungie is still its own publishing division within Sony, but it’s clear that the studio is pivotal to the company’s plans to expand its games-as-a-service offering.

But there’s nothing for Destiny 2 fans to fret over. Bungie has repeatedly shot down speculation that a sequel is on the way, and the developer has stated that it plans to keep delivering content updates for the game far after the release of The Final Shape in 2024. This long-awaited DLC should wrap up the current storyline in Destiny 2 and pave the way for the next chapter. Destiny 2’s environment will continue to captivate gamers for years to come, since there are still innumerable solar systems to discover and riches to be found.


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