Can We Have a John Wick 4 Caine Spinoff?

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One of the new characters introduced in John Wick: Chapter 4 may be receiving his own tale, as the John Wick brand is growing with spinoffs on both the big and small screens. Caine, played by Donnie Yen, is a blind assassin and an old friend of Keanu Reeves’ John Wick who has been hired by the High Table to kill him. Since Yen’s portrayal of Caine has been well received by audiences and the character still has a great deal of mystery around him, a spinoff could be a great way to learn more.

Yen has recently stated his intention to develop a spinoff focusing on Caine in the John Wick world, so it seems he is interested in expanding Caine’s role in the franchise. He recently said, “I’d love to do a John Wick spinoff centered around Caine,” in an interview. There have been “talks” about a spinoff, which Yen concedes, but he also says that this doesn’t guarantee that it will be made.

In addition to his regular work in China, Yen has been linked to a number of other projects, including a cinematic adaptation of the hit video game Sleeping Dogs and a Rogue One prequel for Disney+, which has been the subject of petitions from certain Star Wars enthusiasts. We eagerly await Yen’s next endeavor, because it is quite evident that his skills are in high demand.


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