Can We Have Warrior Nun Season 3?

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Since Netflix cancelled the fantasy action series Warrior Nun in December 2022, fans have been persistently advocating for a comeback of the show. The show’s passionate fanbase isn’t ready to let it go just yet because of the show’s dazzling action sequences, religious overtones, and representation of lesbian romance through the characters of Ava and Beatrice.

The movement has been praised by the show’s creator, Simon Barry, who has encouraged fans to keep fighting for the show. Billboards outside of Netflix’s LA offices are only one example of the global campaign to save Warrior Nun, which has also included a cut scene published by Barry. The fact that cast members of the program have joined the renewal attempts is evidence of how large of a fanbase the show has garnered.

Fans of Warrior Nun have proven that a TV show can generate an enthusiastic following that will go to great lengths to protect the continuation of their show. The effort to save Warrior Nun has not subsided despite the show’s cancellation, and it continues to dominate conversations about recent streaming cancellations. Given the level of dedication shown by its supporters thus far, it seems likely that the show will survive to fight another day.


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