Carrie Underwood Gets Axl Rose on Stage for Duet

Carrie Underwood Gets Axl Rose on Stage for Duet
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Carrie Underwood, an icon in the world of country music and a long-time fan of Guns N’ Roses, surprised her audience by bringing Axl Rose on stage during her concert at the Arena in Los Angeles on Monday night. The two performed the classic GNR hit “Welcome To The Jungle,” with Underwood singing the opening notes and introducing Rose to the enthusiastic crowd.

The duo took turns singing the verses and sharing chorus duties, walking the arena catwalk together, and making for an unforgettable night. Underwood took to Instagram the following day to share pictures from the show and express her gratitude to Rose for joining her on stage.

This isn’t the first time the two have performed together. They shared the stage twice last year, once at the Stagecoach country music festival in California and again during a GNR show in London. Underwood has also been known to show her love for hard rock and metal, including covering the Ozzy Osbourne classic “Mama I’m Coming Home” last year for Apple Music.

Underwood’s “Denim & Rhinestones” tour, which includes regular performances of “Welcome To The Jungle,” is coming to a close this week with shows in Oregon and Washington. Despite being known primarily for her country music roots, Underwood’s passion for hard rock and metal has earned her a special place in the hearts of fans across genres.


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