Charlotte Flair Won’t Be a Part of WWE for Some Time

Charlotte Flair Won't Be a Part of WWE for Some Time
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In a shocking upset at WrestleMania 39, Rhea Ripley defeated Charlotte Flair to win the SmackDown Women’s Title. Their battle was well received by both fans and critics, but it appears that Flair will be taking some time off from the business.

In the weeks running up to WrestleMania, ESPN reported that Flair might take some time off to train for a bodybuilding challenge this summer.

It’s unclear, though, if that’s what prompted her hiatus. During WrestleMania weekend, Flair reportedly notified the business of her hiatus.

It was also said that Flair’s intentions weren’t known when the choice to give the title to Ripley was made. While the length of Flair’s absence is a mystery, it is known that she was absent for much of 2022 due to her nuptials and tooth problems.

During her break, Flair discussed future trip plans with her spouse, Andrade. We hope Flair has a restful vacation and returns to WWE when she’s ready, whatever the cause for her absence may be.


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