Chris Pratt’s Game-Accurate Mario Voice Stuns Fans

Chris Pratt's Game-Accurate Mario Voice Stuns Fans
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Chris Pratt’s voice acting in The Super Mario Bros. Movie has received applause from fans for its accuracy to the video game. In a video posted to the official BBC One Show Twitter on March 16, Pratt, who plays the title character, explained why they decided to avoid using Mario’s iconic high-pitched voice in the film. He mentioned that they were trying to integrate it into the storyline, and costar Charlie Day added that saying “Itsa me” for 90 minutes would not be feasible. However, Pratt did give some examples of classic Mario lines, which have been commended for their authenticity.

In June 2022, Pratt promised that he had worked closely with the directors to develop a unique and updated voiceover narrative for the character, which he was proud of. However, when the first trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie was released, fans criticized Pratt’s portrayal of Mario for deviating too far from the original sound. Yet, in recent weeks, the opinions of fans have changed as they have taken to social media to apologize for their previous outrage after watching an extended clip from the movie.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is set to release in theaters on April 5.


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