Christopher Nolan Proudly Embraces His Love for Fast & Furious Franchise

Christopher Nolan Proudly Embraces His Love for Fast & Furious Franchise

Renowned filmmaker Christopher Nolan, known for directing blockbusters like The Dark Knight trilogy and the upcoming Oppenheimer is unapologetic about his admiration for The Fast & Furious series.

Nolan’s Unwavering Support for Fast & Furious

During an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Nolan discussed his filmography and creative process.

When asked about his guilty pleasures in film, Nolan expressed no shame in admitting his fondness for The Fast & Furious franchise. He was surprised when Colbert revealed he had never watched any of the movies.

Nolan’s Viewing Recommendation

Despite being a fan, Nolan suggested starting with The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift as it introduces a specific story arc. He clarified that while the series has evolved over time, Tokyo Drift can be enjoyed as a standalone film.

Nolan’s Diverse Taste in Movies

Nolan’s appreciation for different genres extends beyond high-brow cinema. He previously revealed Talladega Nights as one of his favorite comedies appreciating Will Ferrell’s comedic performances in films like Step Brothers and Anchorman.

Upcoming Releases

Nolan’s latest film, Oppenheimer has received critical acclaim and leads the 96th Academy Awards with 13 nominations. It will be available for streaming on Peacock starting on February 16. Additionally, Nolan’s previous work Tenet will be re-released in theaters nationwide including IMAX on February 23.

Nolan’s candid embrace of his love for The Fast & Furious franchise showcases his diverse taste in movies from high-concept blockbusters to comedic favorites.

As audiences eagerly anticipate Oppenheimer’s streaming release and the re-release of Tenet, Nolan’s influence on cinema continues to captivate viewers worldwide.


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