CM Punk Gets Fired from AWE, Might Return to WWE

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CM Punk’s surprising dismissal from AEW has left a few fans with hopes of his return to WWE.

In a recent incident at the AEW All-In event in London, CM Punk and Jack Perry were involved in a physical altercation backstage. This led to both of them getting suspended while AEW investigated the situation. However, shocking news has now emerged that CM Punk has been fired from AEW.

There have been different accounts of who started the fight and what triggered it. Journalist Dave Meltzer shared a piece of information from an eyewitness account on Twitter that describes how Punk first confronted Perry aggressively when he arrived backstage. Perry claimed he was just trying to act like a heel to generate heat, but Punk allegedly shoved him and even sucker-punched him. The situation escalated, with people intervening to break it up.

After a thorough investigation and discussions with the AEW Discipline Committee, AEW President Tony Khan decided to terminate CM Punk’s contract. AEW released a statement from Tony Khan expressing his gratitude for Punk’s contributions but explaining that this decision was made in the best interest of the company and its many stakeholders, including talent, staff, and fans.

There have been speculations about Punk’s potential return to WWE under Triple H’s leadership, but it’s uncertain if Punk even wants to continue wrestling after his time in AEW. It’s worth noting that Punk has had conflicts with several top figures in WWE, and his past backstage appearance at a Monday Night Raw didn’t go smoothly.

Some reports from WrestleVotes via GiveMeSportt suggest that Triple H may not be eager to work with Punk, but suddenly it seems that his thoughts for CM Punk have surprisingly changed. These changes make some fans believe that Punk might consider a return to WWE at some point.

Here is what WWE’s insider said in an interview with (h/t WrestleTalk):

“I was told, I mean, pretty straightforward, that Triple H wants nothing to do with CM Punk, and even less to do with Phil Brooks. Well, that’s what I was told and that was July.

“I did ask over the last couple of days, and it has softened a little bit from what I understand. I still think there’s animosity, I still think there’s a lot of pieces that need to be picked up between the two of them specifically. But Hunter learned from Vince (McMahon), and Vince made amends with everybody.

“So to say that doors closed is ridiculous on anybody’s part, especially in this ‘war’ that’s happening right now… I would say never say never. Absolutely.”

CM Punk’s departure from AEW could potentially open the door for a return to WWE, but the details and possibilities remain uncertain.


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