Daredevil: Born Again Set Teases Terrifying Villain’s MCU Debut

Daredevil Born Again Set Teases Terrifying Villain

Recent set footage from Daredevil: Born Again hints at the arrival of one of Daredevil’s most sinister villains, Muse, in the upcoming Disney+ series.

Muse’s character known for his sadistic and gruesome artistry using victims’ blood is depicted spray-painting a graffiti mural of Kingpin adding an ominous tone to the series.

Muse’s Appearance in Born Again

Set photos previously unveiled Muse’s name in graffiti on a wall sparking speculation about the character’s inclusion. The latest video from the set strengthens this speculation showing a hidden character creating a mural of Wilson Fisk/Kingpin.

The inclusion of Muse aligns with the darker and edgier tone that the MCU is exploring in Phase 5, evident in mature-rated properties like Echo and the upcoming Deadpool 3.

Muse’s Comic Book Background

Muse is a graffiti artist and serial killer who originated in the 2016 Daredevil story “Dark Art.” His comic storyline involves grotesque murals made from victims’ blood and targeting fellow vigilantes.

Daredevil along with Blindspot and Matt Murdock, works to stop Muse’s atrocities. The character’s inclusion in Daredevil: Born Again may add a layer of complexity to the narrative and introduce a formidable adversary for the iconic superhero.

Creative Revamp and MCU’s Bold Moves

The appearance of Muse in Daredevil: Born Again suggests a creative revamp after the original concept faced challenges with MCU executives. The series aims to incorporate darker elements from Netflix’s original Daredevil TV series welcoming back characters like The Punisher and Benjamin Poindexter. Muse’s potential introduction aligns with Marvel’s willingness to explore mature and intense storylines in Phase 5.

Release and Filming Status

Daredevil: Born Again is currently in the filming stage and Muse’s addition adds anticipation and intrigue to the series. The release date for the Disney+ series is yet to be announced.


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