DC Studios’ Creature Commandos Gets Official Release Details

DC Studios' Creature Commandos

James Gunn’s DC Universe is getting a soft start in 2024 with the animated Creature Commandos series.

This revelation comes from James Gunn’s brother and Creature Commandos voice actor, Sean Gunn.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Sean Gunn confirmed, that Creature Commandos will be coming out in the fall.

"I like, as much as possible, to go up and down the spectrum with movies and do really big projects and really small projects. And I'm doing a couple of little ones, a couple little indies that I'm going to shoot in the next month of two. And then, some bigger stuff with my brother that I can't really quite talk about yet. But we have 'Creature Commandos' coming out in the fall, which is amazing and I just can not wait for an audience to see. And just a bunch of cool stuff, so keep your eye out."

Creature Commandos will be a seven-episode animated series that will follow a black ops team of monsters.

Originally Creature Commandos was scheduled for a 2025 debut, but this early announcement has heightened anticipation among fans.

James Gunn, who also wrote the series, previously confirmed it for a “later” 2024 premiere. Now, Sean Gunn’s remarks have provided a more specific timeframe.

Gunn’s Superman: Legacy will be the first DC Universe movie to arrive in 2025, following Creature Commandos which willoffer audiences a diverse range of cinematic experiences.

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