DC’s Bodies Live-Action Adaptation Now Available on Netflix

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Netflix continues to embrace the world of DC Comics with a new addition to its growing roster of adaptations. “Bodies” a live-action series based on DC’s Vertigo comics recently made its debut on the streaming platform.

What is Bodies About?

“Bodies” originally penned by Si Spencer and brought to life by artists such as Dean Ormston Tula Lotay Meghan Hetrick and Phil Winslade was first published under DC’s Vertigo imprint in 2014. The series revolves around an unconventional murder mystery that unfolds for a century.

In “Bodies” four detectives residing in four distinct periods all stumble upon the body of the same murder victim in London’s Whitechapel. As they delve into their respective investigations they discover that they are intertwined in a mysterious conspiracy that crosses 150 years.

The Talented Cast

The cast of “Bodies” includes Shira Haas as DC Maplewood, Stephen Graham as Elias Mannix, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd as DS Whiteman, Kyle Soller as DI Hillinghead, and Amaka Okafor as DS Hasan. The series creator and showrunner is Paul Tomalin.

“Bodies” is the latest addition to a collection of DC-inspired projects that venture beyond the traditional DC Universe.

These Elseworlds projects include the highly anticipated sequel to “Joker: Folie a Deux” and “The Batman Part II” as well as upcoming seasons of “Teen Titans GO!”, “Harley Quinn”, “Sweet Tooth”, “The Sandman” and “Dead Boy Detectives.”

The DC Multiverse Focus

Peter Safran one of the architects of these Elseworlds projects clarified that while the DC Universe is vast and includes a multiverse of stories they are focusing on a specific universe within that multiverse.

These projects range from strictly adult content like “Joker” to children’s animations such as “Teen Titans Go!” Each project will be clearly labeled as part of the DC Elseworlds providing fans with a diverse array of content.

Sweet Tooth Season 3 Confirmed

Netflix’s popular series “Sweet Tooth” has also been confirmed for a third and final season. The show’s impressive viewership and creative storytelling have left fans excited to see where the story goes next including a potential Arctic adventure.

Showrunner Jim Mickle expressed his enthusiasm for exploring the Arctic storyline drawing inspiration from John Carpenter’s “The Thing.” He mentioned a desire to adapt elements from the original comic book and incorporate them into the series offering fans a rich and engaging narrative.

Netflix’s commitment to expanding the world of DC Comics and Elseworlds projects continues to captivate audiences with unique and compelling storytelling. “Bodies” is the latest addition to this ever-growing universe offering a fresh take on the world of DC adaptations.


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