Deadpool 3 Director Reveals Ryan Reynolds’ Desire for Deadpool to “Lose” in New Film

Image Credit MCU

Director Shawn Levy of the highly anticipated “Deadpool 3,” sheds light on the dynamics between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, as they prepare to join forces in the MCU’s new sequel. Levy hinted at Ryan Reynolds’s desire to see Deadpool take a fall in the upcoming movie.

In a recent interview, Levy acknowledged the challenge of showcasing both Reynolds as’ Deadpool and Jackman’s Wolverine without resorting to a lengthy brawl where neither emerges victorious.

He emphasized the genuine friendship and fellowship between the two actors, describing them as “extremely grounded, generous people.”

He went on to explain that both Reynolds and Jackman shared a mutual admiration for each other’s work, allowing for a collaborative and supportive environment on the set of “Deadpool 3.”

“Hugh is such a fan of Ryan’s, and Ryan knows the opportunity that it is to have Wolverine co-star in a Deadpool movie,” Levy revealed. “Both guys are always trying to set up the other to win.”

Levy’s insights into the creative process behind “Deadpool 3” demonstrated the thoughtful approach taken by Ryan Reynolds, who not only stars as Deadpool but also contributes as a writer and producer for the film.

“Ryan is amazing at wanting Deadpool to lose,” the director stated. This revelation indicates Reynolds’ commitment to the story and character development, as opposed to a focus on achieving an equal number of victories or punches in the film’s action sequences.

“The truth is that Deadpool’s awesome, but he’s deeply flawed, and Wolverine is Wolverine,” Levy explained. He added, “Ryan operates from a place of ‘what’s going to be most satisfying to the story,’ not from a place of ‘well, I gotta get an equal number of victories and punches into the other character’.”

Levy, who considers himself an audience member before a director, expressed his excitement at bringing two iconic movie stars together in their most beloved roles. “To get these two movie stars in their most iconic roles, together, is a dream come true,” he exclaimed.

As fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of Deadpool 3, it’s clear that the film’s creators are aiming to prioritize character development and a rich story, rather than simply pitting its two leads against each other for an epic showdown.

Ryan Reynolds’ desire to see Deadpool “lose” hints at a character-driven and narratively rich film that will undoubtedly leave audiences enthralled.


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