Dior Goodjohn Unveils Insights into Clarisse La Rue’s Character in Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Clarisse La Rue's Character in Percy Jackson and the Olympians

In Percy Jackson’s world, being a demigod is tough, especially for Clarisse La Rue daughter of, Ares.

Portrayed by Dior Goodjohn, Clarisse is initially depicted as a bully at Camp Half-Blood particularly towards Percy. Goodjohn shares her understanding of Clarisse’s complexities beyond her tough exterior.

Preparation for the Role

Goodjohn’s cousins introduced her to the Percy Jackson books immersing her in the fandom before her audition. She extensively researched Clarisse’s character through various fan platforms enhancing her understanding of the role.

Clarisse’s Motivations and Background

According to Goodjohn, Clarisse’s main drive stems from her desire for approval from her father Ares.

Despite knowing her father’s indifference, she strives for recognition and validation, craving respect over love. Her identity revolves around achieving glory for her father.

Behind-the-Scenes Insights

Goodjohn reminisces about the intense training and stuntwork involved in filming fight scenes, notably the Capture the Flag sequence. She shares her favorite scenes to film including her interaction with Adam Copeland who portrays Ares.

Future Storylines and Aspirations

Reflecting on potential future scenes, Goodjohn eagerly anticipates portraying Clarisse’s confrontation with Ares showcasing the emotional depth of their relationship. She also reveals her admiration for the Cloven Council set and her character’s surprisingly civil interactions with other campers.

Camp Half-Blood Dynamics

While Clarisse is known for her conflicts, Goodjohn hints at her cordial relationships particularly with Luke and Chris from the Hermes Cabin. She imagines Clarisse excelling in the Apollo Cabin embracing archery as another skill to assert her superiority.

Streaming Availability

Catch Clarisse La Rue and the rest of the demigods in Percy Jackson and the Olympians now streaming on Disney+.


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