Disney+ Ahsoka: Ariana Greenblatt Reveals About Rosario Dawson Been Her Mentor on Star Wars Series Set

Image Credit Marvel

Disney+ Star War Ahsoka was one of the nostalgic journeys about Ahsoka Tano that kept viewers excited. Episode 5 stood as one of the standout episodes which transported fans back to the era of The Clone Wars, featuring a stunning lightsaber duel between Ahsoka and her master, Anakin Skywalker.

Adding to the episode’s allure is the introduction of a young Ahsoka, skillfully portrayed by Ariana Greenblatt. Notably, Greenblatt recently revealed that Rosario Dawson, who portrayed the elder Ahsoka, served as her mentor on the set, adding an extra layer of behind-the-scenes intrigue.

Recently Greenblatt shared insights into her experience on set, particularly the physical demands of her role in the Star Wars universe. Speaking on the red carpet for Variety’s Power of Women event, the young actress disclosed, “The stunt training was crazy, it was super hard. Rosario Dawson was like my mentor through it all, so shoutout to her.”

Greenblatt elaborated on the overlap of her training for Ahsoka with the production of Barbie, stating, “It was amazing. I got to train for around two months. I was actually training during the filming of Barbie, but I couldn’t tell anyone [laughs].”

The actress also admired showrunner Dave Filoni and the passionate cast and crew, emphasizing, “It was really incredible to fully immerse myself into that space. Everyone who works on Star Wars is the biggest Star Wars fan, which makes the environment that much better.”

Taking to social media, Greenblatt shared a heartwarming post on X about her Ahsoka experience, expressing gratitude to the Star Wars family. She wrote, “From my family to yours, Thank U, Thank U, Thank U for all the love & support, comments, reactions & just overwhelming love you all have shown me, the cast & 600+ crew members/artisans who worked on Ahsoka ‘Shadow Warrior.’ I’m deeply grateful to the Star Wars family.”

The mentorship dynamic between Rosario Dawson and Ariana Greenblatt adds an extra layer of fellowship to the Star Wars set, which made Ahsoka’s journey not only a visual treat for fans but also a memorable experience for the cast and crew.


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