Disney+ Ahsoka Unveils Backstory About Sabine Wren

Image Credit Disney+

The past incident of the Great Purge was really horrifying.

What happened between Ahsoka and Sabine?

In the latest episode of the live-action series “Ahsoka,”  Episode 4 has brought us closer to the characters’ backgrounds, particularly shedding light on Sabine Wren. This episode has unveiled intriguing twists in the storyline.

During this episode, Sabine aids Ahsoka in a battle against Baylan Skoll, a formidable user of the dark side of the Force. Baylan delves into Sabine’s memories, revealing the painful truth that Ezra Bridger is the only family Sabine has left after her family died during the devastating events on Mandalore.

To make matters worse,  Baylan hints that Ahsoka might have played a role in killing her family, which adds d a new layer of complexity to the master-apprentice bond.

While talking about the Great Purge, it was a traumatic event in which the Empire ruthlessly bombed Mandalore’s surface, nearly wiping out the Mandalorian population. This event was so horrific that Bo-Katan Kryze gave up the Darksaber to Moff Gideon in exchange for saving her remaining people.

This past incident suggests that the Great Purge played a pivotal role in bringing a rift between Sabine and Ahsoka and potentially led to the termination of Sabine’s Jedi training as Sabine might have felt guilty as she wasn’t able to protect her people or seek revenge upon learning about the Purge.

Ahsoka Tano would likely have tried to guide Sabine to prevent her from succumbing to the dark side, but Sabine may have noticed Ahsoka’s actions as an imposition of Jedi beliefs, which could have resulted split between them.

This theory adds depth to their characters and hints at the complex emotions and choices faced by individuals in the Star Wars universe, promising an engaging storyline for future narratives.

If this theory comes to be true, then Sabine Wren might become a pivotal character who connects Din Djarin and Bo-Katan’s new Mandalorian settlement with the few remaining Jedi and Force users in the galaxy during this era.


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