Disney+ Ahsoka’s Similar Mistake as “Secret Invasion” Left Fans Disappointed

Disney+ Ahsoka’s Makes Mistake
Image Credit Disney

Star Wars: Ahsoka’s one of the scenes has made viewers frustrated.

The recent release of “Star Wars: Ahsoka” first two episodes has garnered significant attention, boasting a 94% critics score and an 89% audience score. However, one scene from Ahsoka’s first episode saw familiar mistakes from a previous Disney+ series, “Secret Invasion.”

Viewers found an issue with “Secret Invasion” for ending multiple episodes with character deaths, creating an air of uncertainty. A similar concern has emerged in the first episode of “Ahsoka,” where Sabine (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) is seen getting fatally wounded by a lightsaber. Many viewers were left dissatisfied by this move, which echoes a common scenario from “Secret Invasion.

In the case of “Ahsoka,” Sabine’s stabbing appeared to be a strategic plot to maintain audience interest. Yet, this strategy proved unnecessary, as the trailers had already hinted at her further involvement in the series. Moreover, the release of the first two episodes simultaneously shrinks the impact of the thriller, unlike the anticipation felt in weekly releases.

This storytelling approach, involving deaths or fake deaths, has become a recurring pattern on Disney+ shows, which typically have shorter seasons of six to nine episodes. The frustration from views mainly arose from its overuse, the decline of the impact of these twists, and making them feel common.

In Ahsoka’s case, Sabine’s stabbing felt unnecessary and failed to create an impact. Knowing that Sabine would be fine and waiting for her in the second episode, the Disney writer made it even worse.

The ending of the first episode of “Ahsoka” might not have been as annoying if “Secret Invasion” hadn’t come out. Because the two shows came out around the same time, it’s tough for viewers not to notice the similarities between their endings.

Other than this issue, “Ahsoka” showcases a promising start, offering an exciting live-action extension of the Star Wars Rebels saga, exclusively on Disney+.


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