Disney+ Ahsoka Premiere on Screens, Pays Tribute to the Late Ray Stevenson

Ahsoka and Baylan Skoll Ray
Image Credit Disney+

Dave Filoni’s long-awaited series makes its debut, concluding with a heartfelt tribute to the beloved cast Ray Stevenson who died in May.

Disney+ highly-anticipated miniseries Star Wars: Ahsoka, finally comes on screen to fulfill the excitement of viewers with its first two enthralling episodes. At the initial hour of the show, the Ahsoka  pays tribute remembering one of its stars Ray Stevenson with a somber note, “For our friend, Ray.”

Who is Ray Stevenson?

Ray Stevenson, known for his commendable roles like “Thor,” “RRR,” and “Punisher: War Zone,” left the world stunned by his sudden passing on the 21st of May at the age of 58. Tragically, his death occurred while he was filming a movie titled “Cassino” in Ischia, Italy. The news sent ripples of sadness throughout the entertainment industry.

What Role Ray Stevenson has in Ahsoka?

In Ahsoka, Ray portrayed the villainous role of Baylan Skoll. His character engaged in a ruthless act,  slaughtering soldiers on a New Republic transport. The objective was to free Morgan Elsbeth (Diana Lee Inosanto), who was on her way to face trial. Ray’s portrayal of Baylan was a dynamic blend of merciless aggression and thoughtful introspection. This dynamic balance allowed him to deliver a performance that was truly commanding, adding a compelling antagonist to a franchise already renowned for its intricate characters.

Even Rosario Dawson, the star of “Ahsoka” who brought the strong character to life, took a moment to share her heartfelt thoughts on Ray Stevenson’s passing. Dawson’s words reflect the collective grief of the cast and crew: “Sharing in grief with you all. What a Ray of light. Been calling the cast/crew & the rest of my family to say how much I love them. Let this be your reminder to love on your people in real-time while you can. Ray was so vivacious & unbelievably present & vibrant. He truly lived!!!”

What is the Story of Ahsoka?

The story of “Ahsoka” unfolds around the journey of former Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano, as she explores a looming threat that poses a danger to an already vulnerable galaxy. The first two episodes of this series are now available exclusively on Disney+, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the intrigue and excitement that “Ahsoka” promises to deliver.


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