Disney Finds New Moana Actress for Live-Action Adaptation

Disney Finds New Moana Actress for Live-Action Adaptation

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson known for his role as Maui shares exciting news about Disney’s live-action adaptation of “Moana.”

The movie set to release on June 27, 2025, was announced in 2023 with Johnson returning as Maui. However, Auliʻi Cravalho, the original voice actress for Moana isn’t reprising her role and is instead assisting in finding her successor.

New Moana Actress Revealed

During WWE WrestleMania 40 Kickoff, Johnson reveals that Disney has chosen the new Moana actress. He describes the casting process as a “global search” and expresses excitement about finding the perfect fit.

However, Johnson keeps the actress’s identity under wraps for now teasing fans to stay tuned for the big reveal.

Timely Casting Update

Amid speculation about the movie’s release date following Disney’s announcement of “Moana 2,” Johnson’s update brings clarity.

While there are reports suggesting a delay from the scheduled June 27, 2025, Johnson’s confirmation of filming starting later this year hints at progress. With Johnson’s busy schedule, both he and Disney are motivated to keep the project on track.

Expectations for the Future

As fans eagerly anticipate more updates, including the official release date and the new Moana actress’s identity, Johnson’s timely announcement adds to the excitement.

Despite uncertainties surrounding the movie’s timeline, Johnson’s involvement and dedication offer reassurance. Additionally, the availability of the original “Moana” film on Disney+ keeps fans engaged while awaiting the live-action adaptation.

With the casting of the new Moana actress and filming preparations underway, excitement for Disney’s live-action “Moana” continues to grow. Johnson’s update provides hope for a smooth production process and eventual release.

As details unfold, fans eagerly await more news about the beloved ocean-loving Wayfinder’s cinematic journey.


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