Disney Reveals Release Window for Toy Story 5

Release Window for Toy Story 5

Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger shared exciting news about the release window for Toy Story 5 during a recent earnings call. The upcoming installment in Pixar’s beloved franchise promises to bring back familiar faces and captivate audiences once again.

Toy Story 5 Release Window Confirmed

On February 7 during a quarterly earnings call, Bob Iger announced that Toy Story 5 is set to hit theaters in 2026. Disney’s updated theatrical schedule has reserved two dates for Pixar releases in 2026 with Toy Story 5 likely to premiere either on March 6 or June 19 of that year.

Returning Stars and Characters

Legacy star Tim Allen will reprise his role as Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 5. While Buzz’s fellow toy companion, Woody is confirmed to appear in the movie there’s uncertainty about Tom Hanks returning to voice the character.

Other Pixar Projects Updates

During the same call Disney unveiled release dates for other highly anticipated projects. Moana 2 is set to hit theaters on November 27, 2024 followed by Zootopia 2 on November 26, 2025. Frozen 3 is also slated for a 2026 release likely to premiere on November 25 of that year.

Toy Story 5 – Pixar’s Milestone

Toy Story 5 marks a significant milestone for Pixar as the first franchise to receive a fifth movie. This achievement showcases the enduring popularity and success of the Toy Story series which has captivated audiences worldwide since its inception.

With the release of Toy Story 5, Pixar continues to expand its iconic franchise delighting fans with new adventures and beloved characters. As anticipation builds for its arrival in 2026, audiences eagerly await another heartwarming and entertaining chapter in the Toy Story saga.


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