Disney+ Unveils Unexpected Shift in Ahsoka’s Premiere Schedule

Image credit Disney+

Get ready to witness the live-action series Ahsoka a day prior.

Disney+’s action-adventure show Ahsoka announces an exciting shift in its premiere schedule. The highly anticipated series “Ahsoka” is now set to release on Tuesday nights at 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT. That means the fans can dive into the first two episodes of the series on the evening of Tuesday, 22nd of August, sparking a wave of excitement among viewers.

Why Did Disney+ Make a Shift in Ahsoka’s Premiere?

This subtle schedule adjustment for Ahsoka is a small shift from the original Wednesday premiere plan that was on 23rd August. However, this change in schedule carries significant implications for keen Disney+ viewers. Traditionally, Disney+ releases its shows in the middle of the night. This rescheduled airtime aligns with prime viewing hours, making it more convenient for fans to catch episodes right as they premiere.

What Ahsoka (Star Wars Rebels) is all About?

In July Disney+ dropped a cinematic trailer of Ahsoka dropped by in giving a glimpse of how Ahsoka Tano played by Rosario Dawson will cross paths with a number of familiar faces from Star Wars Rebels. Notably, this includes former Jedi Knight and padawan to Anakin Skywalker, including one very important villain. Here, Ahsoka sets out on a mission to investigate an emerging threat to a vulnerable galaxy.

Alongside the remarkable Rosario Dawson, the cast also features Natasha Liu Bordizzo, known for her role in “The Society,” portraying Sabine Wren. Mary Elizabeth Winstead steps into the role of Hera Syndulla, a prominent member of the Twi’lek rebellion.

The late Ray Stevenson leaves a lasting mark as the power-hungry antagonist Baylan Skolland. Lars Mikkelsen’s return as Grand Admiral Thrawn adds to the excitement for fans of “Star Wars Rebels.” Eman Esfandi brings depth to the character of Ezra Bridger, adding layers to the narrative.
Moreover, prequel trilogy veteran Hayden Christensen is set to make a significant return, reprising his role as Anakin Skywalker.

So, get ready to be transported to the Star Wars galaxy far, far away as “Ahsoka” takes you on a journey of conspiracy, danger, and companionship. Mark a date for Tuesday i.e. on 22nd August, and witness the saga unfold in a brand-new light, only on Disney+.


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