Dragon Ball Super’s Next Arc: Black Frieza’s Return!


Despite debates about Dragon Ball’s relevance the franchise continues to surprise and captivate fans and following the success of DBS: Super Hero, the manga has held fans’ attention, adapting the film. Now as the Super Hero Arc concludes the anticipation builds for the next original arc of Dragon Ball Super. The rumored “Black Frieza Arc” promises an intriguing storyline.

The Granolah/Gas Arc though considered by some as overextended concluded with a surprising twist featuring Frieza. The iconic villain returned in a formidable Black form showcasing newfound strength. With Frieza potentially rivaling Lord Beerus in power fans are eager for the upcoming arc.

Timing of the Black Frieza Arc

As the Super Hero Arc’s final chapter approaches speculation arises about when the Black Frieza Arc will commence. While some anticipate a few filler chapters the recent chapters themselves have been considered filler. Realistically the Black Frieza Arc could kick off with Chapter 101 promising an impactful start to 2024 for Dragon Ball enthusiasts.

Plot Details and Character Dynamics:

Goku, Vegeta, and Broly are honing their skills on Beerus’ planet while Piccolo and Gohan unveil new transformations on Earth. Granolah harboring a grudge against Frieza is expected to return for this arc. Gamma 1’s potential alliance with the Z fighters sets the stage for a formidable lineup against Black Frieza.

Black Frieza’s Ambitions

Frieza’s insatiable hunger for power may lead him to target Beerus’ position as the Universe 7 destroyer or even aspire to Grand Zeno’s throne. The arc might witness Black Frieza challenging Beerus with hints of a larger multiversal threat. The narrative could escalate into a battle involving warriors from various universes including Jiren and Kefla uniting against Black Frieza.

The Dragon Ball Super journey continues with the promise of the Black Frieza Arc offering a mix of power struggles vengeance and multiversal stakes. As the manga unfolds fans, eagerly await the next chapter to unravel the mysteries and challenges that lie ahead in this new arc.


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