Emma Stone’s Poor Things is Set for Online Release, here are the Details


Exciting news for Emma Stone fans as this highly anticipated black comedy Poor Things, adapted from Alasdair Gray’s popular 1992 novel that hit theatres on 8th December 2023 is now gearing up for online release. Now fans won’t have to wait long to experience Poor Things from the comfort of their homes.

Searchlight Pictures, now owned by Disney, has high hopes for the film as a potential contender for Stone’s second Academy Award for Best Actress.

Searchlight Pictures, renowned for its speciality films, employed unique release strategies for its 2023 productions. Notably, films like Rye Lane, Quasi, and Flamin’ Hot embraced exclusive streaming releases on platforms such as Hulu, Disney+, or Star+ (internationally).

Drawing insights from comparable films like Next Goal Wins and Chevalier, a theatrical-to-digital release window of approximately 60 days is anticipated for Poor Things. If the pattern holds, fans can look forward to its potential digital release online on 6th February 2024, aligning with the awards season buildup leading to the Academy Awards in March.

As for its streaming debut, the Disney-owned Hulu is a likely contender, given Searchlight’s historical release patterns. Notably, Chevalier began streaming on Hulu the same day it became available for online purchase (16th June 2023).

While this hints at a similar strategy for Poor Things, there are indications that Disney and Searchlight might deliberate on delaying its Hulu premiere. A potential digital release in February 2024 could serve as a supplementary revenue stream for the studio, given the film’s commendable performance at the box office. Despite a limited theatrical run in up to 800 theatres, it amassed over $11 million.

The precise streaming release date on Hulu remains uncertain, and whether the studio will opt for a wider theatrical release in the coming weeks is yet to be revealed. However, given the film’s award-driven momentum, the streaming release is set to extend beyond February and March.

Poor Things currently captivates audiences in select theatres. Fans can anticipate online rental or purchase of this film early in 2024.



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