Emmy Rossum Wanted Equal Pay as William H. Macy On Shameless

Emmy Rossum Wanted Equal Pay as William H. Macy On Shameless
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The cast of Shameless was divided by Emmy Rossum’s choice to quit the show after nine seasons. While Jeremy Allen White was experiencing sadness, Emma Kenney found it difficult to collaborate with Rossum. When his co-star of the popular program decided to leave, William H. Macy was supportive and accepting. After nine seasons, it can be intimidating to consider continuing a show, so Macy admitted that he and the ensemble had been anticipating Rossum’s departure. He complimented Rossum on her abilities and prospective goals. In his words, “she’s going right into something and she wants to branch out.” she is an executive producer on another program. And now that she’s married, I’m excited to watch her take the next step in her life. But behind the scenes, Rossum and the network had been at odds over her salary since season 7. Since Rossum played the lead and was responsible for more in the show, she wanted to be paid the same as Macy. Despite the agreement being made, Macy still backed Rossum 100% and praised her efforts and ability. Macy had a firm grasp of the financial side of things, as evidenced by his praise for Showtime and John Wells, the show’s executive producer. Let’s be straight here: it’s their duty to get the performers as cheaply as possible, and they had a good go-around, he said. “The people I work for are wonderful, ethical human beings.” Rossum’s tenure on Shameless was a huge triumph despite the obstacles, and she will be forever recalled as an integral part of the show’s history. In her concluding blog entry about the show, she thanked everyone involved and discussed how much she enjoyed playing Fiona Gallagher.


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