Empowering the End of ‘The Royal Hotel’: Hanna and Liv’s Defiant Act

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In the gripping tale of ‘The Royal Hotel’, let’s explore the unsettling events that lead to Hanna and Liv’s daring decision in a small Australian town.

Hanna and Liv’s Journey

Hanna and Liv, two backpackers from Canada embark on a journey across Australia. Running low on funds they reluctantly take up employment as barmaids in a remote Australian mining town. Their decision sets the stage for a challenging and unsettling experience.

Upon their arrival in a Western Australian town Hanna and Liv are greeted by Carol who drives them to the Royal Hotel. Here they meet two English women they are meant to replace as barmaids. Soon they meet Billy the pub’s owner and begin their training.

A Troubling Situation Unfolds

The Royal Hotel’s patrons prove to be a handful for Hanna and Liv. Inappropriate comments and unwelcome advances become a regular occurrence leaving Hanna deeply uncomfortable. Her safety is further jeopardized when Dolly a disturbing patron stalks her.

Hanna’s unease grows and she urges Liv to leave due to the constant objectification and safety concerns. However, Liv is determined to stay a while longer to secure their finances. During this turmoil, Liv forms a connection with Teeth a seemingly kind-hearted bar patron.

A Drastic Decision Emerges

As tensions reach a breaking point Carol advises Hanna and Liv to make money at the pub before leaving. Liv’s birthday celebration held on their last night at the Royal Hotel takes a dark turn. Dolly attempts to exploit Liv leading to a chaotic confrontation.

The climax sees Hanna and Liv realizing the relentless harassment they’ve endured taking a bold step. They unite and systematically destroy the pub before setting it ablaze.

This act serves as a powerful statement against the town’s deeply entrenched misogyny and offensive behavior.

In the end ‘The Royal Hotel’ concludes with Hanna and Liv’s symbolic act of defiance as they turn the tables on the men who tormented and objectified them. Their action becomes a beacon of empowerment against the prevailing regressive behavior within the town.


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