Eric Bana Casts Doubt on Hulk Return in Marvel Multiverse

Eric Bana Casts Doubt on Hulk Return

Eric Bana, known for his portrayal of Bruce Banner in the 2003 Hulk film, is raising uncertainties about reprising the iconic role in the MCU multiverse.

In a recent interview with for the podcast Fifi, Fev & Nick for Breakfast, Bana discussed the potential of returning as Hulk for a multiverse crossover featuring numerous actors who performed the person.

When questioned about such a prospect, Bana responded with a hint of pessimism, stating, “I can’t see it. I can’t see it.”

Despite the mention of Bana’s enduring physique, which could potentially support a return, the actor humorously played down the idea, saying, “Well… CGI man. [Laughter] You don’t really need [it]. Lot of steroids there.”

Bana’s tenure as Bruce Banner in the 2003 Hulk film predates the formation of the MCU, making his portrayal a standalone appearance. The movie, directed by Ang Lee, explored the origins of the character, depicting Banner’s transformation into the colossal, green Hulk whenever provoked.

While it may seem like Bana’s return to the role stays doubtful, the idea of a multiverse has ended up being a spell-binding tale within the MCU. This is evidenced by Spider-Man: No Way Home, which brought together the unique Spider-Men from an alternate reality. 

Fans speculate if different actors like Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo who played Hulk will be involved in a possible multiverse story or not.

Eric Bana’s Hulk film, which also featured performances from Sam Elliott, Jennifer Connelly, and Nick Nolte, is currently available for streaming on the Starz app.


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