Evil Dead 2024 Movie Potential Rumor Surrounds, Fans Buzzes With Excitement


As 2024 kicks off, the Evil Dead fandom finds itself in a swirl of speculation over the legitimacy of a rumored new installment titled Army of Darkness: Return to Evil. Fueling excitement is a poster circulating on platforms like Facebook that hints at a July 2024 release for the iconic franchise.

The poster features Bruce Campbell reprising his legendary role as Ash Williams, accompanied by the enticing tagline, “They keep coming back for a piece of Ash.” Despite the excitement fueled by this visual treat, no official reports validate the development of this supposed movie. It appears to be that the poster is a creation by fans.

Sam Raimi’s horror film in 1981 marked the inception of the Evil Dead franchise, which has now expanded to include a total of five movies. The newest movie, Evil Dead Rise, was released in theatres in April 2023.

Bruce Campbell expressed his willingness to return for another Evil Dead movie in a 2023 interview with Fangoria. However, the Evil Dead crew is being careful approximately confirming Army of Darkness: Return to Evil.

Acknowledging the eagerness to explore uncharted territories within the Evil Dead universe, Campbell, in a talk with ComicBook, underscores the importance of measured releases. The proposed strategy envisions a more frequent beat, with new movies arriving “every two or three years” rather than at extended intervals.

Director Sam Raimi echoes this enthusiasm for potential future Evil Dead venture articulating to Empire his belief in ample room for diverse stories within the Evil Dead universe.

The drive to amplify the Evil Dead legacy gains momentum from the success of Evil Dead Rise. The movie emerged as the very best-grossing movie in the franchise with an outstanding $147.7 million global workplace haul, as reported by means of Box Office Mojo.

Director Lee Cronin, a key figure in the success of Evil Dead Rise, shares the sentiment of continued exploration. In a discussion with Variety, Cronin unveils his reservoir of ideas for potential sequels, expressing eagerness to contribute to the evolving story.

While the rumors of Army of Darkness: Return to Evil continue to excite fans, all five existing Evil Dead movies are readily available for streaming on Max. This offers fans a nostalgic journey through the annals of this iconic horror franchise.


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