Expats Episode 4 Release Date and Remaining Schedule Unveiled on Amazon Prime Video

Expats Episode 4 Release Date

Excitement is building among fans as the popular Amazon Prime Video series Expats starring Nicole Kidman, continues to captivate audiences. With rave reviews from critics, the show explores the lives of expatriate women living in Hong Kong.

As viewers eagerly wait for Episode 4, here’s everything you need to know about the release date, schedule, and what to expect in the upcoming episodes.

Release Date and Schedule

Episode 4 of Expats is set to be released on Friday, February 9 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. The series consists of a total of six episodes with the release schedule for the remaining episodes as follows:

  • Episode 5: Friday, February 16
  • Episode 6: Friday, February 23

Prime Video subscribers can stream the latest episode as soon as it becomes available. Additionally fans may have the opportunity to watch Episode 4 on Thursday, February 8 at 8:00 p.m. ET as Prime Video often releases new episodes the evening before the official release date.

Plot Developments in Upcoming Episodes

The latest developments in Episode 3 centered around the impact of Gus’ disappearance on Margaret (Nicole Kidman). Consumed by obsession, Margaret reflects on what she could have done differently and takes extreme measures to document every physical detail of her other children.

As the series progresses, the focus is likely to shift towards resolving the mystery of Gus’ disappearance. The conclusion of Episode 3 left viewers on a suspenseful note with Margaret heading to the morgue after a potential lead from the police.

With three episodes remaining, the storyline may take unexpected turns exploring Margaret’s emotional journey and the resolution of the search for Gus. Whether the found body matches Gus or introduces new twists, fans can anticipate intense moments and the continuation of Margaret’s quest for answers.

Expats continues to be a compelling series blending suspense and emotion. As Episode 4 approaches, audiences can look forward to unraveling the mysteries surrounding Gus’ disappearance and witnessing Nicole Kidman’s powerful performance.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in the gripping Expats saga exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.


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