From Season 3: MGM+ Unveils Exciting Update on Release Date for Hit Series


Get ready horror fans as MGM+’s science fiction horror sensation From is gearing up for Season 3 with this new exciting update on its release date.

The From series, which has thrilled audiences with its unique blend of science fiction and horror, received acclaim from critics with impressive Tomatometer scores of 96% for Season 1 and 92% for Season 2 on Rotten Tomatoes. Following this success, the official announcement for Season 3’s renewal in June 2023 had fans eagerly awaiting further details.

Hennessy Casting recently shared a casting call for From Season 3, revealing that production is set to kick off in December, with filming scheduled to continue until May 2024. The announcement was accompanied by a confirmation from series star Harold Perrineau, who shared insights on the impending production start on MGM+’s X page, urging fans to catch up on the first two seasons.

As the gears of production start turning, the burning question on fans’ minds is when they can expect the much-anticipated Season 3 to premiere on MGM+. Drawing comparisons with the previous timelines, Season 1 commenced filming in May 2021, with a debut on Epix in February 2022 – a nine-month turnaround for the first 10 episodes. Season 2, with a slightly shortened production timeframe, began filming on August 29, 2022, and returned to screens on April 23, 2023, completing production in eight months.

If Season 3 adheres to a similar timeline, fans can likely anticipate the return of From in late Summer or early Fall 2024. Despite starting production later in the year than its predecessors, the update assures fans that the writing strike has not significantly impacted the timeline. Viewers can look forward to delving back into the enigmatic and eerie world of From as the series gears up for another captivating installment.

For those eager to catch up or relive the suspense, the first two seasons of From are currently streaming on MGM+. Season 3 is set  to commence its journey into the unknown in early December.


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