God Loki Rumored to Appear in AVENGERS: SECRET WARS!

Image Credit Marvel

The Loki season 2  delivered an epic saga, packed with twists and surprises in its concluding moments. Now it seems we will get to see Tom Hiddleston as God Loki’s (who has superpowers to control time) final appearance in the upcoming Avengers sequel.

Recent rumours hint at a “huge role” for Loki in Avengers: Secret Wars, though doubt is advised given the movie’s likely absence of a finalized screenplay.

The potential prominence of Loki aligns with Marvel Studios’ strategic moves in the concluding chapter of the Multiverse Saga, especially since Michael Waldron, the scribe for Loki, was initially brought on board.

The inclusion of a character capable of influencing an infinite Multiverse is fitting for Avengers: Secret Wars, particularly as reports suggest the movie’s conclusion will lead to the creation of a new Earth-616, serving as a soft reboot for the MCU.

This reboot holds significant implications, including the permanent integration of the X-Men into the shared Marvel universe.

Tom Hiddleston, reflecting on his role, recently hinted at the possibility of reprising Loki in the future, acknowledging the challenges of bidding farewell to such an iconic character.

His sentiments echo a recurring theme of gratitude from Marvel executives, expressing openness to his return.

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is slated for release on 1st May 2026, setting the stage for the highly anticipated Avengers: Secret Wars, which is scheduled to follow on 7th May 2027.

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