How to Grow Tomatoes From Seed (6 EASY Steps)


growing tomatoes

Are you interested in learning How You can Grow Tomatoes from Seed in the easiest and best way ever possible?

Would you like to have a Step-by-Step Guide that is perfect for beginners?

Here, in this article, we will teach you how to grow and harvest tomatoes in the easiest way possible.

Let’s begin!!

Are Tomatoes Vegetable or a Fruit?

We eat the fruit of the tomato plant. But tomato is used typically as a vegetable in cooking and eating. Therefore it is commonly treated as a vegetable.

1) When to Plant Tomatoes

2) Selecting and Preparing a Planting Site.

3) How To Plant Tomatoes

Growing Tomatoes in Containers

4) How to Take Care of Tomato Plant

5) Pests/Diseases

Tomatoes are most susceptible to insect pests, especially whiteflies and tomato hornworms.

Late Blight is a type of fungal disease that usually strikes during any time of the growing seasons. It causes grey, moldy spots on fruits and leaves which later turn brownish. The disease spreads and is supported by continuous damp weather. This disease will run until winter, so make sure to destroy all infected plants.

Mosaic Virus causes distortion of leaves and causing the growth of young plants to be twisted and narrow. The leaves also become yellow. Unfortunately, all the plants infected should be destroyed (don’t put them in your compost pile).

Cracking: When the fruit growth is very rapid, the skin will eventually crack. This mostly occurs because of uneven watering or uneven moisture received from weather conditions (very rainy periods mixed along with dry periods). Keep the moisture levels constant with mulching and consistent watering.

6) How To Harvest Tomatoes

Recommend Varieties

Tomatoes grow well in all sizes, from the very small “currant” to “cherry” to the large “beefsteak.” There are thousands of different tomato varieties to suit different tastes and climate. Here are a few of them:

Early Varieties (60 or lesser days to harvest)

Mid-season Varieties (65 to 80 days to harvest)

Late-season Varieties (80 or more days to harvest)

Cherry Tomatoes 

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