Gwen Stacy & Her Rock Band  to Make Epic Comeback in New Marvel Spider-Gwen Series

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Image Credit Marvel

Marvel enthusiasts, get ready for a thrilling treat this December as Marvel unveils an exciting Spider-Gwen limited comic series. The announcement about this news release was made at San Diego Comic-Con.

Renowned writer Melissa Flores, known for her work on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, is steering the ship on this four-issue limited series titled “Spider-Gwen: Smash by bringing back Gwen Stacy and her rock band The Mary Janes.

Spider-Gwen: Smash Story

In “Spider-Gwen: Smash,” you’ll witness an intriguing crossover with multiversal musicians, including the mutants Dazzler from the X-Men and the teleporter Lila Cheney.

These dynamic characters are brought to life by the talented artist Enid Balám, recognized for previous work on “Kate Bishop: Hawkeye” and also for collaborating with Emily Kim and Kei Zama’s five-issue run on the “Spider-Gwen: Shadow Clones” limited series.

The Spider-Gwen: Smash, plot unfolds with Gwen Stacy, Ghost-Spider from the Spider-Verse, returns for a music tour gone wrong. On her way, she encounters Earth-65’s versions of heroes like Dazzler and Lila Cheney, battle new villains, and follow The Mary Janes as they open for a top rock band.

Gwen’s commitment to music is tested when a hitman targets the headliner, puzzling out unexpected mysteries.

Melissa Flores shares her excitement for  Spider-Gwen: Smash, stating, “I am having the time of my life writing this limited series! Getting to explore Gwen Stacy’s musical side as she goes on tour with the Mary Janes in her home dimension is an utter delight. Not only will the limits of Spider-Gwen’s aka Ghost-Spider’s powers be tested against some unexpected new enemies, but so will her relationships. There isn’t an escape portal to another world when things get uncomfortable inside a tour bus!”

When Will Spider-Gen: Smash Release?

The Spider-Gen: Smash is slated to release on the 14th of December with a lot of multiversal actions. So mark your date and don’t miss this exciting blend of heroism and music that will keep you hooked from start to finish!


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