Harrison Ford as ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross in Captain America: New World Order First Look Revealed


Harrison Ford, a veteran performer, will make his MCU debut in the forthcoming movie Captain America: New World Order, playing the character of Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross. Now that Just Jared has published several photos from the scene, fans can get their first look at Ford in his role. The Indiana Jones star appears in the photos as the American leader, though he lacks the trademark goatee of his Thunderbolt counterpart. Images also show the return of The Incredible Hulk’s Tim Blake Nelson as Dr. Samuel Sterns, a physicist. Green hands have been observed on the figure, who is widely speculated to become the antagonist The Leader in Captain America: New World Order. While the specifics of the Marvel sequel’s story have yet to be revealed, it’s safe to assume that it will examine Sam Wilson’s (Anthony Mackie) reaction to becoming Captain America in the wake of the events of Disney+’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Ford says he doesn’t know why he joined the MCU, but he does like doing something different from his previous work and hearing positive feedback from fans, so he figured he’d give it a shot.


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