Here Is a Fan Theory, Revealing Marrok’s “Secret Identity in Ahsoka

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Disney+ Ahsoka’s episodes are leaving fans with mysteries, leading them to make enthralling theories.

Star Wars: Ahsoka’s latest episodes have been super exciting. In the show, there’s a mysterious character named Inquisitor Marrok who uses the Force. Marrok never talks and wields a cool red lightsaber that spins and wears all-black armor.

The show’s director, Dave Filoni, always adds surprising twists in Ahsoka. The story explores new parts of the galaxy and discovers mysteries while Ahsoka Tano is on a journey to protect vulnerable galaxies from looming threats. Right now, the biggest mystery is finding out who Marrok is. Fans are sharing their ideas and theories about Marrok’s identity.

On Reddit, one of the fan posts explains that the name “Marrok” comes from old stories about King Arthur. In those stories, Marrok was a knight who turned into a werewolf because of a witch linked to Morgan le Fay.

Loth wolves are important creatures in Filoni’s Star Wars stories, especially in the case of Ezra Bridger. The theory goes like this: Maybe a Jedi (like a knight) turned to the Dark Side (like a werewolf) because of Morgan Elsbeth, who is one of the Witches of Dathomir.

She’s also looking for Grand Admiral Thrawn. This theory suggests that Ezra might have become Morgan’s follower because of her magical powers. It’s like he found his way back home but then got caught by Morgan and turned bad…unless he turned bad before that.

If this theory is right, it could explain how Morgan knew where the Purrgil took Thrawn many years ago. We can’t say that this theory is accurate, but it does seem logical for several reasons.

If fans remain in the dark about Marrok’s true identity or discover that Marrok is simply a character behind the mask, it could lead to disappointment, as this theory has generated significant excitement among them.


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