Here’s DC Universe Spectacular 2024 Lineup Reveled By James Gun

DC Universe Spectacular 2024 Lineup Reveled By James Gun

James Gunn, co-chair, and co-CEO of DC Studios shared valuable insights into the current state of the DC Universe. The acclaimed director disclosed that DCU projects are set to commence production in 2024.

On Instagram, Gunn shared a captivating poster of Superman: Legacy, accompanied by a reflective caption thanking fans for a year of unwavering support. In his message, Gunn disclosed that Superman: Legacy is on the brink of commencing production. Additionally, he teased two more DCU projects set to unfold in the coming months, all while praising the influx of remarkable scripts and talents aligning with these ventures.

While the director remained tight-lipped about the specifics of the two mysterious projects, fan speculation points towards Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow and Waller as strong contenders. The casting of Milly Alcock as Supergirl and Ana Nogueira working on the script for Woman of Tomorrow adds weight to the anticipation. Gunn’s eagerness to secure a director for Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow further underscores its priority within the studio.

The spinoff series Waller, stemming from Peacemaker and originally scheduled to debut before Superman: Legacy is making a step under the guidance of showrunners Christal Henry and Jeremy Carver. Viola Davis is set to return to her role as the formidable A.R.G.U.S. agent Amanda Waller, ensuring a seamless connection with past DC media.

Projects like The Brave and the Bold and Swamp Thing also hover on the DCU scope, with directors Andy Muschietti and James Mangold. Swamp Thing seems to be a bit further in development, given that Mangold is not only directing but also penning the script. Mangold, also linked to a Star Wars movie and a Bob Dylan biopic, adds an element of speculation about which of his two projects will take priority.

The DCU’s 2024 journey initiates with Creature Commandos premiering on Max, promising an exhilarating start to the superhero saga. This is followed by the highly anticipated Superman: Legacy, slated for a July 2025 release.

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